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Our machine is built to withstand the rigorous handling of the rental market

Durability and Style

Our machine is visually appealing from all angles! The Lexan #9034 clear shell is strong and impact resistant. A water resistant cover keeps the clear shell protected against scratches. The stainless steel used in construction is laser cut to provide a consistent quality in every machine built. All parts not made of 304 high-grade stainless are powder coated for durability. Our transparent 3-D holographic design is exclusive to "The Funny Money Machine". The lighting built into the top of the machine illuminates the 3-D pattern to make it stand out like a neon sign. The electronic message display located at the top of the machine is easily visible and can be customized to promote your company or message.

Machine Functions

When the blower and timer begins to circulate the cash or coupons, our 2 color rope lighting starts flashing to draw attention. The Funny Money Machine's digital electronic timer can be programmed from 5 to 60 seconds. We generally leave our rental units set on 20 seconds, offering plenty of time to grab the cash. Our "automatic attract mode" feature automatically starts the blower at intervals that you program. We set our units to automatically turn the blower on every one minute for the duration of 20 seconds. This automatic feature can simply be switched off when putting participants into the machine.

Machine Transport

A unique feature with our machine is the custom dolly designed for transporting. To keep an attractive appearance, we didn't want caster wheels to be seen on the machine when in use. Our solution to the problem is a removable dolly, similar to a refrigerator dolly. It is only used when moving the machine. With the machine standing up, you simply slip the water resistant cover over the machine and Velcro down one side - the machine is now protected. Then slide the dolly underneath one end of the machine and place a strap around the top and one around the bottom. The machine is now secured onto the dolly. Now you can tilt the dolly until it is lying down in a horizontal position on all four casters and you are ready to roll. At 32 1/2 inches wide, our machine is designed to fit through standard door ways. The custom designed blower is a separate piece from the machine. It simply sets against the machine with no attachment required. We have designed the machine in this manner to make the machine as light as possible. The machine weighs only 300 pounds and is designed for one person to load into the back of a pick-up truck. Simply pick up one end and set the caster wheels on the tail gate. Then go to the rear of the machine and lift into the truck.

  • We offer a 1 year warranty on all parts.
  • Our machine has been tested extensively to avoid multiple service issues.
  • Parts are easily replaceable if required.
  • We are adamant about keeping our customers happy.
  • The Funny Money Machine is built and designed to last for years.