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The Funny Money Machine Cash Cube

The Funny Money Machine cash cube is THE premier money blowing machine. Our quality of craftsmanship, unique oval design and special effects make this one of the most sought after money blowing machines on the market! If you like only the best - here it is.

A High Tech & Practical Money Blowing Machine

The Funny Money Machine cash cube is sleek, high tech and will WOW all who see it! People can gather on all sides of the machine because it has 360 degree clear viewing. Place it in the middle of a casino, trade show booth or ballroom and watch the crowds gather around. The Funny Money Machine cash cube has multicolor flashing lights for an exciting effect. It is constructed of polished stainless steel and has an electronic message display, digital clock and special effects lighting.

When the party is over The Funny Money Machine cash cube is easy to transport with a removable dolly, similar to a refrigerator dolly. Our machine is light weight (300lbs) and can easily be transported in a pick-up truck.

Check Out Our Other Cash Cube Models

We are proud to offer a number of other cash cube models, including our popular deluxe circular money blowing machine. You can see all the available money blowing machine choices in our gallery and pick one that's sure to POP! After purchasing one, you might even have the option to cash in on your cash cube through future rental opportunities.

Full Service Consulting & Customization

In addition to a great funny money machine cash cube, you will enjoy the high standard of service that our company has always offered. We are a full service consulting company with a wide range of experience in the promotion industry. We happily share that experience whether you are seeking a funny money machine cash cube, or simply want to explore what kind of interesting and unique units exist to promote your company.

Once you choose a money blowing machine, our experts will work with you to customize every element of your money blowing machine. We offer highly adaptable options with great branding opportunities available on the inside and on the outside of the money blowing machine!

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